Distributed spam attack

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Mon Dec 15 15:57:40 GMT 2003

We have over 350 Spamcop reports this morning.

A spammer with URLs that may be in China staged a big distributed
spam run this weekend using a large network of compromised PCs.
URLs in text: www.rx357.com, www.2004hosting.org, www.2004hosting.net.
Can people at other places resolve those names and connect?  I can't.
China has interfered with connections from Columbia U before.

The spam run was preceded by scans to port 65506/tcp of no known
significance at the time we saw them.  About a dozen students'
Windows boxes that had been scanned were used this weekend in
the spam run.  On Google I see many other examples sent from IPs
in many domains.  Sample message below.  All this for a penny-ante
cable descrambler product?  Or is there more to it, if you can
open the web page?

Joseph Brennan         Columbia University in the City of New York
Academic Technologies Group                   brennan at columbia.edu

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Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

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