[unisog] Distributed spam attack

wpchan at socrates.Berkeley.EDU wpchan at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 15 23:03:49 GMT 2003

The page is in simplied chinese and it is http://mail.ha.net.cn
(  A quick translation of the title is "China Central
OnLine Enterprise Mailbox".  There is a link to a help page for setup
using outlook express as an example.  The phone number is for customer
service.  There are text boxes for entering username and password to
login.  The address admin at cool.com.cn is just an example for the username.

It looks like a frontend for internet mail.

--Pang (Wai Pang Chan, wpchan at socrates.berkeley.edu)

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, James Morris wrote:

> I can get www.rx357.com to resolve to (didn't try the
> others), but connecting results in a Directory Listing Denied error.
> Connecting to the IP results (with lynx) in a page that is almost entirely
> what I think is Chinese.  The few English readable strings are:
> 	admin at ccol.com.cn
> 	mailfaq1.gif
> 	POP3: mail.yourname.com
> 	SMTP: mail.yourname.com
> and a set of numbers: 0371-5908995

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