[unisog] .edu's who use SpamCop?

Michael Sofka sofkam at rpi.edu
Wed Dec 17 02:12:28 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 16 December 2003 15:41, Rodrigues, Philip wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are currently using SpamCop's dynamic list of spammers to reject some
> mail sent to the University.  This has the benefit of blocking lots of
> spam, and the drawback of occasionally blocking legitimate mail from
> sources SpamCop has determined to be spammers.
> I am looking for support for and against this policy:

We've been listed by spamcop several times.

> Does anyone else use SpamCop as one of their spam filters?
> Has anyone looked into SpamCop and decided *not* to use them?  Why not?

See above.  Most times the spam was just passing through us via a
user configured forward.  Because our smtp's are behind a redirector,
and not directly accessible, spamcop listed us as the spam source.
(Our smtp's are now on spamcop's super secret special ``ok'' list.)

Once, an alumni who could not get off an alumni mailing list
(probably because of forwards) turned in our exchange machine.

To spamcop's credit, they are an easy list to get off of.  But,
we don't use any blacklists, not even in conjunction with
SpamAssassin.  We may consider some black lists, so long as it
is a pay service with contractual obligations, such as accuracy,
uptime, availability, and so on.  If they can't promise anything,
why should we trust our email to their list.?

> Thanks in advance for any answers.  I will keep my personal feelings
> about our current policy to myself. :-)
> Phil

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