[unisog] .edu's who use SpamCop?

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We decided against SpamCop for many of the reasons listed here and have 
been testing v2.36 of Vipul's Razor (http://razor.sourceforge.net/) with 
impressive results. There's still a large deal of conflict regarding the 
potential loss of mail for it to be pushed onto production servers though. 
Any other Razor experiences out there?


"Dennis Viner" <Dennis_Viner at kgi.edu>
12/16/2003 05:18 PM

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We use it as part of SpamAssassin's scoring system rather than outright 
blocking as with sendmail dnsbl. We also use MailScanner so that we can 
specify a threshold for tagging email as spam and a higher score for 
outright blocking. Our volume is low, so I can't attest to how well these 
products would work for large institutions.

Dennis Viner 
Network and Systems Administrator 
Keck Graduate Institute 

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> Hi all,
> We are currently using SpamCop's dynamic list of spammers to 
> reject some
> mail sent to the University.  This has the benefit of blocking lots of
> spam, and the drawback of occasionally blocking legitimate mail from
> sources SpamCop has determined to be spammers.
> I am looking for support for and against this policy:
> Does anyone else use SpamCop as one of their spam filters?
> Has anyone looked into SpamCop and decided *not* to use them? 
>  Why not?
> Thanks in advance for any answers.  I will keep my personal feelings
> about our current policy to myself. :-)
> Phil
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