[unisog] .edu's who use SpamCop?

rick pim rick at post.queensu.ca
Wed Dec 17 13:57:59 GMT 2003

Christopher A Bongaarts writes:

 > (Incidentally, I'm told our abuse@ folks absolutely love SpamCop
 > because they are prompt with notification when someone on our network
 > misbehaves.)

i'll second that; the reports we get are useful, prompt and usually

 > The most effective DNSBL we've been using for spamblocking has been
 > the Spamhaus Block List.

on our student machine the spamhaus list is consistently #1. on the
faculty/staff machine, however, we've had the best luck with the
CBL. for last week:

      MAPS RBL+ : 31345
      Spamhaus  : 28452
      ORDB      : 1742
      njabl     : 10041
      cbl       : 82526
      dsbl      : 10100
      local list: 8189
total rejected  : 172395
total rcvd      : 393115


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