[unisog] .edu's who use SpamCop?

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Dec 17 20:14:13 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 07:34, Jethro R Binks wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Daniel Feenberg wrote:
> ...
> > Delivery to a special spam folder is often suggested as an alternative to
> > discarding it. If the user has to scan the spam folder regularly, the
> > procedure doesn't achieve anything, however.
> I'd disagree with this from two points of view.
> It is much easier to scan a folder of almost-certainly spam looking for
> the odd false positive, than it is to scan a folder of mixed spam and
> legit mail.  While it does still require a bit of time, it keeps the user
> in the loop, and lets them make their own decisions directly.  Which leads
> me to...
> Perhaps more importantly, it places the onus for deletion on the user -
> therefore, you can't be held accountable for any wrongly deleted mail.
> Politically, this is a much safer way to go!

This is the approach that we have taken and our users seem to like it. 
Actually we tag subject line and let the users decide what they want to
do with it.  At first I set up a sieve filter to dump all tagged
messages into a spam folder, then after a couple of months with no false
+ves (or at least none I cared about ;) I changed the filter to delete
them before the hit my mailbox.

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