[unisog] Can an SUS server be pointed to with multiple DNS names?

Juvinall Peter Stanley psjuvina at exchange.cob.ilstu.edu
Sat Dec 20 19:42:07 GMT 2003

Gary (and everyone),
My experience has been in running SUS to my college at our University has been that if you specify the location of the SUS server is that if you deviate and specify something different at the server versus the client, it doesn't quite work well.  Do you have AD?  There's a .adm that you can plug into group policy that comes with the SUS install that can push that configuration off to any number of clients, which is how we do it.  As additional SUS boxes come online, I'm planning on just reconfiguring through a GPO.

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	Can I configure different clients with different DNS names 
	to the same SUS server. They'll all resolve to the same 
	IP address initially. 

	I thought I'd heard of problems if the SUS configuration item 
	below didn't match the client configuration: 

	"Specify the name your clients use to locate this update server:" 

	If they have to match, anyone know why? 

	I'd like to do this so if we decide to deploy different 
	SUS servers for different populations later a client 
	reconfiguration won't be necessary. 

	For example, clients may have any of the following configured: 


	All resolving to the same IP address. 

	Gary Flynn 
	Security Engineer - Technical Services 
	James Madison University 

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