[unisog] Can an SUS server be pointed to with multiple DNS names?

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Sun Dec 21 16:45:50 GMT 2003

Juvinall Peter Stanley wrote:

>Gary (and everyone),
>My experience has been in running SUS to my college at our University has been that if you specify the location of the SUS server is that if you deviate and specify something different at the server versus the client, it doesn't quite work well.  Do you have AD?  There's a .adm that you can plug into group policy that comes with the SUS install that can push that configuration off to any number of clients, which is how we do it.  As additional SUS boxes come online, I'm planning on just reconfiguring through a GPO.
Unfortunately, we don't have AD for the students. So far, I haven't seen 
any errors
in the logs and two machines have updated using one of the "secondary" 
DNS names.
Sure wish I knew exactly how that configuration setting in SUS was used 

>	I thought I'd heard of problems if the SUS configuration item 
>	below didn't match the client configuration: 
>	"Specify the name your clients use to locate this update server:" 

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