[unisog] justification

Peter Van Epp vanepp at sfu.ca
Wed Feb 12 21:35:31 GMT 2003

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 12:35:58PM -0600, Curtis K. Shrote wrote:
> Fuzzy here wrt details:
> I seem to recall an ecommerce site that paid something to the tune of 
> $300 for each expose of private information (CC#s, address, etc.) as 
> (what I would estimate to be) a preemptive strike against a lawsuit.

	Ziff Davis I think, several hundred thousand, possibly to the US FTC
or via the FTC to the consumers affected?

> Fuzzy here wrt details:
> There was a DoS attack against Nike (I think) in which an ISP has been 
> taken to court to recover damages. Maybe this was the other way around. 
> (Sorry)

	An ISP in Scotland sueing Nike for an unauthenticated 802.11B wireless
installation that was used to DOS the ISP's network. I haven't heard the 
outcome yet (given the speed of court cases here, it may well be a few years 
off yet :-)).
	In addition as a result of the "Mafia Boy" DDOS against Ebay et. al.
a number of years ago I believe the FBI siezed one or more servers from 
one of the Ucalif system campuses. I imagine the disruption that caused hurt.
I believe I saw where they were also being sued by Ebay (for having deeper
pockets in a more appropriate country than mafiaboy I expect). Perhaps someone 
with better knowledge will comment on whether my memory is good or not?

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