[unisog] justification

Kevin Schmidt kps at ucsb.edu
Wed Feb 12 22:56:08 GMT 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Peter Van Epp wrote:
>  In addition as a result of the "Mafia Boy" DDOS against Ebay et. al.
> a number of years ago I believe the FBI siezed one or more servers
> from one of the Ucalif system campuses.

That was UC Santa Barbara, and the FBI never seized anything.
We discovered the problem, reported it, and provided detailed
information throughout.  The hard drive from a compromised system
was FedEx'd to the FBI, because we had unauthorized access to
our system and wanted it investigated.  In other words, we had
a crime occur and wanted to report it.  At no point were we
served with any search warrant or subpoena, despite occassional
rumors to the contrary.

> I imagine the disruption that caused hurt. I believe I saw where they
> were also being sued by Ebay (for having deeper pockets in a more
> appropriate country than mafiaboy I expect). Perhaps someone with
> better knowledge will comment on whether my memory is good or not?

There hasn't been any lawsuit against UC/UCSB by Ebay or any other
victim of those DDoS attacks. The only attack our host was clearly
linked with was the one on CNN, and it was our self-reported information
that enabled a successful prosecution.


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