[unisog] tamper sealing of network ports

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Fri Feb 14 16:59:37 GMT 2003

I'm not completely clear on what constitutes "messing with" a port; can 
you give more information? Do you require that the individual be tagged 
as well, like with a powder/residue on the fingers? If not, could you 
monitor the link state or other metric remotely?



Simon Kissler wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just pulled into a discussion of how one could go about sealing a
> network port so that it would be at the minimum evident that somebody has
> messed with it. What would be preferred is that the person messing with it
> is not necessarily aware that they are leaving a trail (unless it is
> impossible to mess without obviously leaving a trail; in other words we'd
> prefer something where they are not alerted that to it so they are less
> likely to take corrective measures). This is being asked for on a physical
> level such as a tape that may leave marks that are inconspicious or
> invisible to the person or similar.
> I was wondering if anybody has any experience doing this.
> Thanks,
> -Simon
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