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Mike Stanley mikestanley at utk.edu
Mon Feb 24 17:29:51 GMT 2003

On Friday, February 21, 2003, at 11:50 AM, Mitch Collinsworth wrote:

> If this is the report I'm thinking of, we had a presentation here a
> few months ago by someone who was directly involved in the project
> that produced that report.  Sorry, don't remember her name just now.
> Her conclusion though was that the really costly incidents were the
> ones where the techies got interested in "what happened here?" and
> spent lots of time analyzing the exploit, forensics, et al.  Secondary
> conclusion: if you want to save $$ don't do this;  when a system is
> cracked, wipe, reinstall, get back to business, let it go.
> Not saying I fully endorse this strategy, though it's obvious how this
> conclusion can easily be reached.  Just reporting what I heard.

Sounds like an amazingly short-sighted, almost Microsoftian solution.

"Oh, your machine isn't working right?  Format, reinstall Windows, and 
everything is all better again."

"Oh, your student information server was hacked?  Ah well, wipe, 
reinstall, apply the patch de jour and hope it doesn't happen again."

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