[unisog] Best Security Conferences / Training?

Pukanecz, Todd pukanecz at exchange.vt.edu
Tue Feb 25 13:44:06 GMT 2003

SANS Institute http://www.sans.org/ offers training at various times all across the country, so you should be able to find something near you.  The courses cover every possible aspect of computer security and the instructors and materials are top notch.  The classes can be pricy but the ROI make them well worth the cost.


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> I am in the position of trying to figure out the best way to spend my 
> limited training and travel budget for the next year.  (This 
> is a good 
> thing: last year I paid for it all out of my own pocket!)
> What are the best network security-related conferences and 
> training you 
> have attended?  Is there a national .edu network security conference? 
> (Should there be?)
> Phil
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