[unisog] Trojan Backdoor

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Mon Feb 3 19:46:17 GMT 2003

WSFTP 3.6.6 is a pretty commonly used FTP server for the warez crowd.

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From: Jason Alexander [mailto:jason-alexander at uiowa.edu] 
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Subject: [unisog] Trojan Backdoor

We have several machine that have been comprised with a backdoor.  The 
Trojan exists on different ports
but always responds to a telnet with the banner 3.6.6 G and then starts 
spitting out binary information.
I did some googling but didn't find anything.

Can anyone tell me what type of Trojan this is.  It would make scanning for 
it and cleaning it up easier.

Jason Alexander

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