[unisog] Compromised student system

Will Saxon WillS at housing.ufl.edu
Fri Feb 7 14:23:03 GMT 2003

Sysinternals.com has a free utility called handle.exe that might help you out. I think it matches filenames to pids. They have a couple of other free tools that you could probably use to track this down.


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> Subject: [unisog] Compromised student system
> We are curently looking at a student system that is running 
> Win XP home. The system seems to be doing alot on port 25. 
> but we have been unable to findout what processes are running 
> on the system
> when the task manager is atempted to be opened it is auto 
> closing itsself almost instantly.
> many ports are open when looked at with netstat -ANO 

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