[unisog] Richard Thompson (US SS)

Bob Mahoney bobmah at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 13 23:14:42 GMT 2003

I think the straightforward approach is to call your closest Secret 
Service office (main number, not something he gave you), and ask to 
speak with his supervisory agent.  If he's real, and there are legit 
complaints, the SSA will want to know.  If he's not real, and 
representing himself as an agent, the SSA will REALLY want to know.

In my experience, federal law enforcement is well-used to verifying 
the identity of their agents, and they do not take offense.

(My favorite response to a call like this, that I made myself, was, 
"Yes, in fact he's one of my trainees... what has he done NOW?")


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