[unisog] tamper sealing of network ports

Tom Perrine tep at sdsc.edu
Fri Feb 14 19:41:07 GMT 2003

>>>>> On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 09:53:18 -0600 (CST), Simon Kissler <Simon.Kissler at valpo.edu> said:

    SK> Hi,
    SK> I was just pulled into a discussion of how one could go about sealing a
    SK> network port so that it would be at the minimum evident that somebody has
    SK> messed with it. What would be preferred is that the person messing with it
    SK> is not necessarily aware that they are leaving a trail (unless it is
    SK> impossible to mess without obviously leaving a trail; in other words we'd
    SK> prefer something where they are not alerted that to it so they are less
    SK> likely to take corrective measures). This is being asked for on a physical
    SK> level such as a tape that may leave marks that are inconspicious or
    SK> invisible to the person or similar.

    SK> I was wondering if anybody has any experience doing this.

Not that exactly, but you can get "evidence" tape.  It come in various
labels and colors.  It is not always obvious to people who haven't
seen it before, especially if you get the unlabeled stuff, that it
will leave evidence that it has been removed, until it has been
removed or tampered with.

You might try these:



I think there are also mini-locks that fit into RJ45 ports to prevent


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