[unisog] justification

Steve VanDevender stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Mon Feb 24 19:13:09 GMT 2003

Arnold, Jamie writes:
 > Perhaps, but some of us have budgets and are short of staff.  In a perfect
 > world it would be nice to have the time to investigate.  We try to get
 > services back as soon as possible.

While there are tradeoffs for the amount of time you want to spend
figuring out why something broke compared to the amount of time you want
to spend getting it to work again, not having any idea why it broke
means you probably won't fix it the right way.  In the case of problems
resulting from security breaches, if you don't figure out how you got
broken into, how are you going to know that your freshly reinstalled
system won't be vulnerable to exactly the same problem that brought it
down in the first place?  You may actually spend less time and money
investigating and finding the right fix than you will just mindlessly
reinstalling and rebooting.

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