Resident's anti-virus

Andy Druda adruda at
Fri Feb 28 11:29:34 GMT 2003

I can't remember (or find) if this has been talked about before but it 
seems likely.  Our terms of use require our resident students to have 
anti-virus software on their machines.  Most of them seem to comply but 
some do not.  This is a small college not a university.  We have about 
2000 students 1200 of which are residents- almost all with computers.

What steps do other take to assure complience other than reacting to 
evidence of infection.  Our 7 year old network (soon to be upgraded) is 
unmanaged in the resident's halls (lots of HUBS).  Monitoring for errant 
machines is not an easy task.  Prevention would be better.  Does anyone 
out there do anything to assure AV software is on student machines?  



Andy Druda
Director of Campus Technology
Wagner College
Staten Island, New York  10301
718 390-3204

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