[unisog] Somewhat OT: End User Gigabit Port Cost models?

Don Salvin dss+ at pitt.edu
Fri Jan 17 14:39:05 GMT 2003

	Hmm. I should have provided more detail...

	Valdis is correct. We are a cost recovery organization. We
currently offer 10 or 100Mbs ports to the desktop. The switch port itself
is usually at fixed price based on an average number of active ports per
switch. Wiring is usually offered at a standard price, unless getting the
wire to the desktop requires difficult things like core drilling through
heavy masonry, etc. We consider core switches, fiber, building entrance
switches, WAN links, and other ancillary equipment to be infrastructure,
that is paid for out of a central fund. 

	We/I believe that there are some circumstances where there are
large compute clusters, typically doing either simulations or large image
manipulation (think of the various types of radiology), that may justify
something in excess of 100Mbps. We do have several of these that we know

	Furthermore, there are what a colleague at another university
refers to as the "800 pound gorillas", that have the weight, and perhaps
the funding, to effectively press for higher speed service, whether or not
such speeds are justfiable. In the past we have been known to build
non-standard services on an as needed basis, where the customer paid full
freight for everything required because we were unable to spread the cost
over a user base, due to the uniqueness of the request.

	So, we are looking for clues about how to build such a model.

	Thanks for any ideas, current models, war stories, etc.


On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:59:14 EST, Steve Bernard <sbernard at gmu.edu>  said:
> > Can you provide a little bit of detail regarding what is driving this
> > initiative and what you hope to gain from it?
> If Don's setup is anything like ours, their networking group is cost-recovery,
> and bills for things (our network services is also the campus phone company).
> So a "user" (in our case, it's computing center, but we're CNS users just like
> the students and profs are - we're all buying bandwidth) asks for a gigE port,
> and the network group has to come up with a price per month to bill us....
> /Valdis (who got to watch this from the sidelines recently ;)

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