[unisog] DDoS IRC bots

Kaiser, Russell Kaiser at mail.psc.sc.edu
Tue Jan 21 17:11:48 GMT 2003

This webpage http://www.russonline.net/tonikgin/EduHacking.html
called "XDCC - An .EDU Admin's Nightmare" has a lot of good information
also.  It details how a lot of the attacks that hit the .edu's
occurred, gives info about the bots on the channels, etc..
Definitely worth a read.

Also firedaemon can be found at its website for comparison
at http://www.firedaemon.com.

That page also details iroffer which is a DCC bot used
to offer files on IRC.  It is pretty common.  It is found
at http://www.iroffer.org.

Hope this is useful.  Just part of the fun of being
in the biz!

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Our campus gets IRC 'bots in waves.  Are you interested in the firedaemon
set?  I may have some archived, and I can certainly collect some for you on
the next few calls.

						- Andy Johnston

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Bill McCarty wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm a security researcher affliliated with the Honeynet Research 
> Alliance (www.honeynet.org) and have recently developed an interest in 
> IRC bots involved in DDoS attacks. To learn more about them, I'm 
> interested in dissecting one or more specimens.
> Can anyone provide me with a specimen or point me to an Internet site 
> that might provide one? So far, my cursory googling has not led to any 
> firm leads.
> Thanks!
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