[unisog] Echo and Chargen

Steve VanDevender stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Tue Jan 21 19:48:18 GMT 2003

Mary M. Chaddock writes:
 > I've noticed a slew of computers with ports 7 and 19 open. This appears to 
 > be a recent development.  I've also seen network traffic on these ports.  
 > Does anyone know what is going on?

Well, according to /etc/services:

echo            7/tcp           
echo            7/udp   
chargen         19/tcp          ttytst
chargen         19/udp          ttytst

These ports are frequently left open in the default inetd.conf in many
operating systems, although it's been recommended to disable these for a
long time now.  In particular the offering of the UDP versions of the
services makes it easy to forge UDP packets to use systems that provide
these services as reflectors for DoS attacks.

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