[unisog] Lifting backbone port 1434/udp blocks

Phil.Rodrigues at uconn.edu Phil.Rodrigues at uconn.edu
Tue Jan 28 17:38:43 GMT 2003

On the flip side of that - how long do folks expect to continue blocking 
of UDP 1434 at the border?

We first blocked TCP and UDP 1433 and 1434 in and out on Saturday morning, 
but this morning changed that to just UDP 1434 in and out.  We may allow 
outbound traffic soon, so I can more easily see those hosts that are still 
infected but not showing up on our radar.

Our first level-ISP is the state educational network, which is blocking 
the same as us (at our recommendation).  Our first commercial provider, 
Qwest, did not block any of this traffic.


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"Martin, James E." <martin at more.net>
01/28/2003 11:43 AM

<unisog at sans.org>
        Subject:        [unisog] Lifting backbone port 1434/udp blocks

What have your upstream providers done about dropping/blocking/null 
routing port 1434/udp over the last few days? 

If they did stop passing 1434/udp, have they lifted that restriction yet? 


James E. Martin 
MOREnet Network Security Coordinator 
University of Missouri System 

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