Another SANS-EDU training event for EDUs only. Cheap!

Randy Marchany marchany at
Tue Jan 7 17:15:49 GMT 2003

Hi there. 

The SANS Institute and VA Tech are planning another SANS-EDU event this coming 
March here at the VA Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA. These courses are subsets 
of the SANS Institute's GIAC curriculum. It's basically the same format as 
before but because of budget issues, we'll have to charge you $100.00 for the 
3 days. Here are the preliminary details. Please forward this note to any EDU 
person you think might be interested. Send me a note if you think you might 
attend. The official www site will be ready sometime in January. Hope you can 
come. This is an excellent opportunity to get some more training at a good 
price for us.

What: SANS-EDU Training on Securing W2K, Solaris/Linux and Network Traffic 
Where: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
When: 3/3/03-3/5/03, 9am-5pm
Cost: $100.00/person for the 3 days. Also, you pay for lodging and travel 
to/from Blacksburg, VA
Eligibility requirements: any full time faculty/staff from any accredited EDU. 
No commercial or government employees are eligible for this event.


	Randy Marchany
	VA Tech Computing Center
	Blacksburg, VA 24060
	marchany at
	540-231-9523(office) 540-231-1688(lab)
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Brief Course Descriptions:
1. Securing Windows 2000 - The Gold Standard
   Instructor: David Rice

The US National Security Agency studied the successful system compromises of 
Windows 2000 during the past eighteen months and found that more than 85% of 
them would have been blocked had the owners been using the Gold Standard 
jointly developed by the Center for Internet Security, DISA, NSA, NIST, SANS 
and GSA. SANS is pleased to offer a hands on course that combines labs and 
lecture to teach the Gold Standard and the tools that can be used to 
establish, maintain and audit the Gold Standard.

Minimum security settings (baselines or benchmarks) work. However, system 
administrators need to be confident that what they are doing will work and 
that they know how to do it. In Securing Windows 2000, you will receive the 
needed to build their confidence and skills.

Tools you will learn include:


A laptop is required for this class, please see the Laptop Requirements below. 
You should already be familiar with Windows 2000, and will need to download 
and install the HFNETCHK.EXE and CIS SCORING TOOL tools prior to coming to 

Other tools you will need:

- - The secedit.exe tool is included as part of the Windows 2000 operating 
system. It is a command line utility and as such can be called from a batch 
file or logon script. Secedit.exe is used to Analyze and Configure security on 
a Windows 2000 machine. It can be used to apply a security template.

- - Security Configuration and Analysis is a GUI snap-in for the MMC that 
includes functionality of the Secedit.exe tool, plus a lot more. It is not a 
part of any built-in consoles but can be added to a custom

- - The templates tool is also available as an MMC snap-in. It is not a part 
any built-in consoles but can be added to a custom console. The templates tool 
will list all the built-in security templates by default, located in the 
C:\Winnt\Security\Templates directory.

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2. Unix Practicum - Securing Solaris and Linux Systems
   Instructor: Hal Pomeranz

See for course description.

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3. Network Traffic Analysis using TCPDump, Part 1,2 (NOTE: 2 DAY COURSE)
   Instructor: Judy Novak

See for course description. This is a 
hands-on course.

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