[unisog] New Virus - not

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Sat Jan 11 04:02:15 GMT 2003

Me either...I use Antigen on both of our Exchange clusters and haven't had
one slip through in 5 years.

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I just don't allow .pif attachments through along with roughly 40 others

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Quoting Chris Stoermer <stoermer at unt.edu>:

> Howdy!
> Just found it.  W32/Sobig at MM   was discovered yesterday.  I would classify
> this one higher than a low priority if we got it already.  We never 
> get anything first.
> Anyway, since dat files 4242 aren't due out until the 15th......HEADS 
> UP!!

> Here comes another one.
> --Chris

I've seen over a dozen copies since lunch today...  And I'm a very 
small site (within a very large site).  I'd say it is at least medium

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