[unisog] Echo and Chargen

John Ives jives at cchem.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 21 23:10:59 GMT 2003

Last March I found a computer that had been compromised and was running an 
xdcc IRC bot on port 7.  The bot had the name of a legitimate Windows file 
(ie w32time.exe).  When I ran strings on the file there was a string to the 
effect of 'code by assassin.'  Which had I not already seen what the file 
was doing, would have been a major tip-off that it was compromised, instead 
it was more like the icing on the cake.

I can tell you that in that particular case the box was compromised because 
it lacked an admin password.


At 11:48 AM 1/21/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Mary M. Chaddock writes:
>  > I've noticed a slew of computers with ports 7 and 19 open. This 
> appears to
>  > be a recent development.  I've also seen network traffic on these ports.
>  > Does anyone know what is going on?
>Well, according to /etc/services:
>echo            7/tcp
>echo            7/udp
>chargen         19/tcp          ttytst
>chargen         19/udp          ttytst
>These ports are frequently left open in the default inetd.conf in many
>operating systems, although it's been recommended to disable these for a
>long time now.  In particular the offering of the UDP versions of the
>services makes it easy to forge UDP packets to use systems that provide
>these services as reflectors for DoS attacks.

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