Results of Brief VPN / Firewall Survey

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Wed Jan 22 16:51:09 GMT 2003

I recently sent out a survey to Universities to informally gauge their 
deployment of VPNs and Firewalls on their networks.  The questions that I 
asked were:

1.) Do you have any sort of VPN concentrator in your network?  Is it for a 
your entire organization, or it is only for a small set of users?

2.) Do you have any sort of firewall(s) in your network?  Does it protect 
your entire network (at the border), or does it/they protect smaller, more 
sensitive sub-networks?

I got back 48 usable responses.  Since my questions were not totally 
scientific, I got back various types of answers - some detailed, some 
brief.  I took the liberty of breaking them down into the following 

(# of responses / % of total)

Yes     38 / 79%
No      10 / 21%

Border Firewall
Yes     17 / 35% 
ACLs    17 / 35%
No      14 / 29%

Internal Firewall(s)
Yes     42 / 88%
No      6 / 13%

Most schools that said they did not have any VPN service in place also 
indicated they were looking into evaluating them for deployment in the 
near-ish future.  I decided to include "ACLs" as a category of border 
firewalls since so many people responded they used access-control lists on 
their routers to protect their network from some limited types of external 

Many people asked that I not share their specific answers with anyone 
else, but I thought it would be useful to show which schools were 
represented.  Apologies if I mangled your institution's name!

Boston College
Boston U
Fed Inst of Tech, Zurich Switz
Illinois State U
James Madison U
Johnson and Wales
Kent State
Longwood U
Mane Univ System
Michigan State
No Dakota Univ System
Notre Dame
Ohio State U
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
RI School of Design
Southern CT State U
SUNY Binghamton
U of Auckland, New Zealand
U of Delaware
U of Hartford
U of Illinois UC
U of Mass
U of Minnesota
U of New Hampshire
U of North Carolina
U of Rochester Med
U of Rode Island
U of Virginia
U Ottawa, CA
U Tennessee
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Riverside
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
Washington U, St Louis
York U, Canada

Thanks to everyone who responded.  I may follow up with these 48 schools 
with a slightly more "scientific" survey, and if that seems interesting I 
will share it with the group.


Philip A. Rodrigues
Network Analyst, UITS
University of Connecticut

email: phil.rodrigues at
phone: 860.486.3743
fax: 860.486.6580

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