[unisog] Automated vulnerability tests upon host to network attachment

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I have just come accross  this software which might be relevant to this
issue. It is still in beta testing stage:


From: John Kristoff [mailto:jtk at depaul.edu] 
Sent: Thursday, 15 May 2003 8:44 AM
To: unisog at sans.org
Subject: [unisog] Automated vulnerability tests upon host to network

>Is anyone doing or aware of someone doing automated vulnerabiity tests
>on hosts as they attach to the network.  So for example, as soon as
a >host comes online and causes an ARP entry to be created in the first
>hop router, a monitor process which watches the ARP table kicks of a
>job to automatically scan the newly connected host for something like
>the top 10 SANS vulnerabilities, generating the necessary report/alert
>to an admin?

>There are some potential issues regarding faked ARP/IP entries, but
>some clever coding and in-network protections (e.g. port security) >could
help throttle or detect those sorts of problems so that an admin >isn't
swamped.  There could also be some "not seen in X period of >time" checks
that could be tweaked to suit the environment.

>This is somewhat admittedly a strong-armed approach to identifying and
>securing hosts, but my first thought is that it seems that the best
>time with which to get admins to take down their host and fix it is
>before its been online for too long.  Many people do periodic >vulnerability
scans and those should continue, but if there are a lot >of new hosts
that pop up on your network this could help reduce those >new hosts'
first MTTC (mean time to compromise :-) who very often have >bad defaults.

>Thoughts, pointers, experience to share?



Jad Nehman

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