[unisog] Cisco vulnerability

Ken Connelly Ken.Connelly at uni.edu
Fri Jul 18 13:27:44 GMT 2003

Dennis Viner wrote:

>Our account rep sent an advisory to all the network reps in our consortium at 11:30 pm PDT last night.
>Dennis Viner 
>Keck Graduate Institute 
Bully for your account rep.  Mine didn't.

- ken

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>>By the way, are any *other* Cisco customers annoyed at finding out
>>about this problem via the public CERT announcement?
>>I really wouldn't expect to be notified at the same time the Tier-1s
>>were notified (reportedly 15 July or earlier), but I'd at least like
>>to get the info before the public. And yest, I understand the
>>difficulty in coordinating vulnerability releases; I've done several
>>CERT advisories.
>>But, we're looking at unscheduled downtime in publicy-visible
>>production business systems because we got caught by surprise on this
>>I *will* be calling my account manager to talk to him about this.  Am
>>I the only annoyed customer?

- Ken
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