[unisog] Anyone including anything on music sharing in their new student orientation packets?

Rita Seplowitz Saltz rita at Princeton.EDU
Mon Jul 21 13:00:16 GMT 2003

Material for new students at Princeton University always have included 
the University's core policy document  (Princeton University Rights, 
Rules, Responsibilities), and a bookmark with the URL of the document 
which interprets those core policies in terms of the technology 
(Guidelines for use of Princeton University information technology 
resources and Internet access).  Each of these speaks to copyright, and 
the latter has spoken to music, film, etc., for a number of years 
(though the original concern, years ago,  was unauthorized sharing of 

Peer-to-peer file-sharing was added during previous summer revisions 
(replacing the cloaked mention of Napster),  and a slightly greater 
emphasis on these and unauthorized sharing of music, flm, video, games 
and software, is likely to be present in the 2003-2004 edition which 
will go up later this summer.

This year, the August mailing from Dean of Undergraduate Students to 
the entering Class of 2007 which includes "Rights, Rules,..." and the 
Guidelines bookmark,  also will contain a separate sheet advising the 
new undergraduates of the University policy regarding copyright 
law--but not exclusive to music-sharing or file-sharing.  (For example, 
making copies of a CD for your friends, or loaning the CD to a friend 
to copy, is mentioned as an infringement.)

A brief item in the special student issue of our office's newsletter 
will contain a blurb pointing at the knowledge base document which 
provides instructions for reducing or eliminating upload capability for 
P2P applications, with appropriate caveat,  and to the knowledge base 
document on guarding against copyright infringement.

The topic also will be included (as it has been in the past) in special 
briefings of the residential computing consultants.  This year,  the 
topic also will be included in training for the Help Desk student (and 
full-time) staff.

A representative of our undergraduate student government has told me 
the USG is trying to get a brief entry on the orientation program for 
me (as the DMCA agent) and one of our University attorneys to speak on 
the issue to the new students.  I don't know whether that will fly;  
the attorney's and my own attempts to get onto the program were 
answered by allowing us instead to include the copyright policy 
statement in the August mailing.

Rita Saltz
Policy and Security Advisor
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Princeton University
and DMCA Agent for Princeton University
rita at princeton.edu

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