[unisog] Decompiling virus binaries

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Tue Jul 22 12:43:52 GMT 2003

Martin Sapsed wrote:

> Jeff Bollinger wrote:
>> We received what we believed to be a recent/(new to us) virus
>> attachment, and short of running `strings` against the binary, what
>> other methods/tools have y'all used to determine the contents of a virus
>> binary?  I guess what I'm really asking is, do you know of any good
>> de-compilers (hopefully for x86 Linux, GCC 3) that would be useful in
>> this instance, or can I use an existing compiler to break the virus down
>> to its source code?
> Way too complicated for me - I just send it on to my Anti-Virus 
> company (currently Sophos) and ask them to check it out. With all the 
> encryption and stuff I'd doubt that strings would help much? 

Same here. I let the people that do it for a living go after it. :)

If I have spare time and am curious or if time is important, I might run 
it on a system reserved for the purpose
with tools to monitor file, process, API calls, and network access. 
Strace could be used
for linux. The winternals tools for windows.


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