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Tue Jul 22 14:46:01 GMT 2003

The University of Connecticut has posted an opening for one Senior Network 
Security Specialist in the Connecticut Education Network Advanced Services 
Centers in Storrs and East Hartford, CT.  The position will have a primary 
responsibility in creating advanced security services and training 
Connecticut educational and technology professionals on how to implement 
these advanced security services.

Responsibilities Include: 

- Research, Design, Test and Implement security procedures for the 
Connecticut Education Network, Document, publish and teach best practices 
for University, College, K-12 and Library participants to implement the 
- Support research, design, testing and implementation of advanced 
middleware services in support of network operations, including caching, 
filtering, performance monitoring, directories, and multicast. 
- Develop, document, and teach security, performance monitoring, and 
analysis systems as required. 
- Participate and contribute with a particular focus on security and 
middleware applications to national forums for Internet2 and State 
Education Networks to assure Connecticut"s leadership position in research 
and education networks. 
- Create, sponsor, coordinate and manage a series of meetings and 
presentations to educate Connecticut Educators about best practices in 
network performance, security and operations. 
- Participate in a network performance team to provide consulting 
expertise on a demand basis to Connecticut educational technologists in 
K12 and higher education settings. 
- Assist in the design-implementation of the Connecticut Education Network 
with a particular focus on advanced services serving the research 
- Work in a collaborative dynamic team involving University and State 
networking professionals; communicate regularly with coworkers to 
encourage continuous improvement of Connecticut's research and education 

Experience required: 

This individual must have advanced experience in Unix/Linux, Windows2000, 
Cisco IOS, Checkpoint firewalls, SNMP, sniffers, intrusion detection, 
Ciscoworks and Cisco PIX technology. Working knowledge of TCP/IP, VPN's, 
SSL, SSH, DNS, access lists and IPSEC. The individual should also be 
capable of diagnosing and evaluating other security technologies, creating 
and maintaining C, perl and other unix based applications. The individual 
must be well versed in current networking technologies and be actively 
pursuing knowledge of next generation network technologies and services. 
The individual must be able to demonstrate project management experience, 
written and verbal communication skills and time management skills. 

The interview experience will include some hands-on verification of the 
technical skills and candidates should bring a writing sample to the 

If you are interested in such a position, please submit a cover letter, 
resume and the names and phone numbers of three references to: Dolores 
Dziekan, University of Connecticut, University Information Technology 
Services, Unit 5052, Storrs, CT 06269-5052 or electronically to the UITS 
Search Coordinator, e-mail: UITSJOBS at UCONN.EDU 

Philip A. Rodrigues
Network Analyst, UITS
University of Connecticut

email: phil.rodrigues at
phone: 860.486.3743
fax: 860.486.6580

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