[unisog] FWD: [SECURITY] bugbear variant

Douglas Brown dugbrown at email.unc.edu
Thu Jun 5 21:58:31 GMT 2003

We've been running Nmap scan for systems with 1080 open, once we got a 
list of systems we ran Amap against 1080 on the systems and the infected 
ones returned garbage - similar to the following:


we've found this was this quickest way to find all the bad guys -

Hope this helps,
Douglas Brown, CISSP
Manager of Security Resources
UNC Chapel Hill
Abernethy 105
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Phil.Rodrigues at uconn.edu wrote:
> (Apologies to anyone who already got this on the Educause list.)
> We got hit with this today before Norton Antivirus came out with the 
> definitions.  Hopefully the defs will get updated automatically in the 
> next day or so, but we are prompting folks to manually update their defs 
> ASAP.  Our mail servers are protected with generic defs (looking for 
> dangerous attachments, etc) but we had to update one of them manually with 
> the exact def.
> Infected hosts have a backdoor on 1080 (and maybe the range around that) 
> open.  It leaves behind a password stealer that Norton was unable to 
> remove with a scan, nor was it able to automatically quarantine the file. 
> As of now it looks like infected hosts should be formatted completely.
> Good luck!
> Phil
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> I received a phone call a short while ago from DHS, indicating that a
> new variant of Bugbear was spreading, mostly among financial
> institutions.  That's all they told me.  We haven't received reports of
> infections here at IU yet.
> But, information about it can be found at
> http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.bugbear.b@mm.html, or
> probably also at your favorite AV vendor site .
> M.


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