[unisog] FWD: [SECURITY] bugbear variant

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Fri Jun 6 15:26:51 GMT 2003

> However, to sit back and say "our mailservers are safe, we will not have
> a  problem with this" is not accurate.

That's not what I intended to say.  I assume that a significant number
of people did not install antivirus or have not updated their PC
virus definitions and that a smaller significant number read mail
off other servers, so we'll have it on campus.

The scope of my work affects my point of view, but since this virus
spreads by email, the main question for me is whether our email
servers would stop it, incoming and outgoing.  I think that problem
can be generalized enough for us to form strategies to stop many
future viruses.

The question for the administrators of our Windows-based office
systems is of course a different one.  That's harder.

Joseph Brennan          Columbia University in the City of New York
postmaster at columbia.edu                 Academic Technologies Group

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