[unisog] FWD: [SECURITY] bugbear variant

Richard Gadsden gadsden at musc.edu
Fri Jun 6 16:59:57 GMT 2003

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Douglas Brown wrote:

> We've been running Nmap scan for systems with 1080 open, once we got a 
> list of systems we ran Amap against 1080 on the systems and the infected 
> ones returned garbage - similar to the following:
> "+RW"\rx/kDV:d3x\r2Z;)EvbM\r\t3Rk&0XU9\ta!KY7\dH;\nM%3ojTl/\K_'[1k-gF0jzK7&yt)19&*a'N1ys&7yfEQ_MQ[DLXnHaF82E'rLp:jTf^ZGC4O%wsn:71556967"
> we've found this was this quickest way to find all the bad guys -
> Hope this helps,
> -Doug

Hey Doug,

Which amap trigger(s) have you found that bugbear.b responds to?

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 Richard Gadsden
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 Medical University of South Carolina

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