Managing concurrent licenses

Jay Plett jay at EE.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jun 6 21:55:30 GMT 2003

How do you deal with shared licenses when the licensed software doesn't 
come with builtin license management?  For example, Adobe sells 
"concurrent licenses", but all they have to say on compliance is "You 
must have a system for counting the number of users simultaneously 
accessing Adobe software so that it does not exceed the number permitted 
by your concurrent license agreement."

I see that there are several license management products out there which 
use a client component that must be licensed for and installed on each 
client (Huh? Buy per-seat licenses to avoid per-seat licensing? Sigh). 
Any advice on which one(s) to take seriously and which to avoid?  Are 
there any freeware products that do this?  Other solutions?


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