[unisog] MacIntosh Email Client Problems with SSL SMTP Auth Configuration

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Fri Jun 13 13:31:59 GMT 2003

--On Thursday, June 12, 2003 19:01 -0400 Gary Flynn <flynngn at jmu.edu> wrote:

> We're having problems getting various MacIntosh email clients to
> work with SMTP Auth and SMTP-SSL enabled. The following
> clients are having problems:
> Entourage X		
> Outlook Express 5.2				
> Entourage 2001

Those Macintosh clients do not do STARTTLS.

Possibly they do can do smtps to a separate SSL port; unknown.
On the Windows version of Outlook Express the option labelled
"SSL" does do STARTTLS.

We're trying to interest Apple in bringing this up with the
Microsoft Mac developers.

Joseph Brennan          Columbia University in the City of New York
postmaster at columbia.edu                 Academic Technologies Group

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