[unisog] Wanadoo.fr

Conor McGrath conormc at uchicago.edu
Wed Jun 18 15:37:36 GMT 2003

Jeff Bollinger once said:
> We constantly receive attacks from the major French ISP, Wanadoo.fr and
> we continually sent complaints to abuse at wanadoo.fr.  Are other folks on
> the list receiving the same volume of attacks?  Of note, they typically
> have a host on the Internet Storm Center as a top attacker
> (http://isc.incidents.org/).  Has anyone actually blocked any/all of
> their subnets, or at the very least, received something more substantial
> than a canned reply?

We have been seeing every variety of scan from Wanadoo since before I
started here three years ago.  We have sent them hundreds of complaints
and have never received anything other than a canned response in
return.  As far as I know, they are a branch of France Telecom, which
is owned at least in part by the French gov't.  To be fair, however, we
also see a lot of attacks from various U.S. cable/DSL/telco netblocks
and we never get anything other than a canned response from them,


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