[unisog] Wanadoo.fr

Mike Iglesias iglesias at draco.acs.uci.edu
Wed Jun 18 15:39:56 GMT 2003

> We constantly receive attacks from the major French ISP, Wanadoo.fr and
> we continually sent complaints to abuse at wanadoo.fr.  Are other folks on
> the list receiving the same volume of attacks?  Of note, they typically
> have a host on the Internet Storm Center as a top attacker
> (http://isc.incidents.org/).  Has anyone actually blocked any/all of
> their subnets, or at the very least, received something more substantial
> than a canned reply?

We gave up on them doing anything about our complaints (we were
getting multiple ftp scans per day), so we blocked ftp from all their
networks we had seen scans from.  As new wanadoo networks showed up we
blocked them too.  It was definitely worth the effort.  We don't see
much from them any more.

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