[unisog] Dell LoadBalancer's?

John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Wed Mar 19 19:59:39 GMT 2003

Not to put a damper on your recent purchase, but... After a couple of years
of working in many .bombs and using a plethora of F5's products (from BigIPs
to their DNS caching product), I can say this: You can get the same effect
out of doing what they do, grab an x86 box -- slap BSD on it and go out and
search for a nice software solution. Other than the web interface and their
custom kernel patches there is nothing special about the F5 boxen. You pay a
lot and get a little. If you want to look at some nice load balancers, look
at Alteon (or what is now Nortel [www.alteonwebsystems.com]), you can still
find a bunch of Alteon switches on e-bay. The switches provide wire-speed
asic based load balancing and content directing. To me, they seem a little
bit better and a little bit more robust than the F5 equivalents.  And they
are quite a bit more expandable and scalable. Anyways, that's my 2 cents...

John Stauffacher
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Chapman University
stauffacher at chapman.edu
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Sorry for the potentially off topic question! But here it goes.....

We will be purchasing a load balancer in the near term and had narrowed
the search down to F5 or Radware. We however recently noticed that Dell
sells the F5 stack on there 2650 server platform as an Appliance
(PowerApp.BIG-IP). Indications from both Dell (lot's of marketing gloss)
and F5 sales rep indicate that there is basically no functional
difference between the F5 540 Server Appliance platform and Dell's

So my question is.... Are any of you using the Dell Appliance? If so are
you happy with it?

Thanks in advance

Ed Gibson
University of Western Ontario
Network Operations

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