[unisog] Infringement Complaint protocol question: DirectConnect?

Asadoorian, Paul D Paul_Asadoorian at brown.edu
Mon Mar 24 16:26:45 GMT 2003

# grep DirectConnect /dev/brain

DirectConnect is yet another Peer-To-Peer filesharing system
(http://www.neo-modus.com/).  The network of multiple direct connect
machines, called a hub, is managed by the users themselves.  I think
that access can be allowed or denied on an IP address basis.  I also
think that many are running it over port 21, which makes it blend with
FTP traffic, and annoyingly generates false positives on the IDS.  A
machine running Direct Connect will display the following banner when
you connect to the port:


I'm just starting to research more about this protocol, and possibly
develop some snort rules (to be shared with the group of course), so any
additional information or help would be great. 


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I have received a message from MediaForce about a claim of copyright
work infringement.  In the infringement detail section, MediaForce
indicates the Network and Protocol are "DirectConnect".

Does anyone know what DirectConnect references?  I doubt it is
SMB/Windows networking since I block the NetBIOS ports egress and
ingress - any other thoughts?


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