Short Survey - How many of you have sent someone to SANS?

marchany at marchany at
Mon Mar 17 20:40:01 GMT 2003

Hi there. I'm conducting a short survey to see how many people on the list 
have attended a full SANS event. I'm trying to collect some stats for a report 
I'm preparing. Email responses are perfectly acceptable and preferred. Thanks 
for your help. I'll be glad to summarize the results. Please respond by 



1. Have you attended a full SANS GIAC track session? When?
   a) standard event
   b) onsite program
   c) online program
   d) local mentor program

2. Would you attend another?
   If not, explain why:  
   a) economics (too expensive) 
   b) information not relevant to my environment 
   c) other

3. What % of your IT budget is devoted to training?
   a) 0-10%
   b) 11-20%
   c) 21-30%
   d) 31-40%
   e) training? We don't do no stinkin' training!

4) How many people from you institution have attended a full SANS GIAC track 

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