[unisog] Dell LoadBalancer's?

Radomski, Mike Mike.Radomski at itec.mail.suny.edu
Thu Mar 20 16:25:21 GMT 2003

We use the Linux Virtual Server + Heartbeat for load balancing various
services.  It has been rock solid.  We have around 10,000 concurrent
connections through our load balancers.  The load balancer systems can be
relatively small boxes.  Even with the connections we see, the load is
around 0.

Our configuration is (2) 2x 1Ghz Compaq DL360.  One acts as a primary, the
other as a secondary with a heartbeat between.

The Linux Virtual Server: http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/
UltraMonkey: http://www.ultramonkey.org/

If you take a look at the UltraMoneky site, our config resembles the high
capacity, high availability model:

If you would like more information on the configuration or setup, please
feel free to contact me.  We have been extremely pleased with this solution.
It was $1,000's less than a Cisco Local Director.

Mike Radomski


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| Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 20:01:09 -0500
| From: Steve Bernard <sbernard at gmu.edu>
| I'm curious, does anyone know of a free, open source load balancing 
| solution that provides something more than simple round-robin request 
| redirection? I'd love to find a usable, free lb tool but, plain vanilla 
| round-robin redirection is too simplistic. There don't seem to be any 
| tools for tasks like client IP pass-through, connection multiplexing, 
| SSL offload, cookie/token insertion, weighting of nodes or pools, 
| health/availability checking, advanced load balancing methods, Layer 7 
| decision making capability, a bridging-mode, or the tools to manage 
| everything effectively. I'm aware of individual capabilities within 
| Apache, Tomcat, and Squid to balance HTTP requests using various 
| methods, and of using round-robin DNS as well but, none of these provide 
| what I consider to be an "enterprise" load-balancer.

I haven't used them myself, but you might want to look at
- Eddie http://Eddie.sourceforge.net/
- mod_backhand from JHU may not be enough for your needs
- pound is a front-end proxy/filter with simple load balancing

Hope this helps - cheers!

jsellens at generalconcepts.com

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