[unisog] VPN Survey Results

Pete Hickey pete at shadows.uottawa.ca
Sat May 3 01:16:09 GMT 2003

Thanks a lot, Diane.  There is one thing I'm wondering that you 
haven't covered.

When a conference is held at our university, the conference
organizers want to offer wireless to the attendees.  For the
conference, people seem to want simplicity: nothing.  (attendees
are on their own for security.)

If you are running an ipsec VPN, what do you do:
    no wireless?
    tell them to load the VPN client?
    open up a portion of your net?
    somethign else?

  Do you make conference attendees authenticate (wireless or
portables plugging into wire)?

I know what I want at a conference, is not the same as what I
would like to impose :-)

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