Digital Copyright Down Under and a couple of queries

Russell Fulton r.fulton at
Sun May 4 22:44:42 GMT 2003

	Since there seems to be considerable interest in the issues surrounding
enforcement of digital copyrights I thought I would post this short note
on developments in this part of the world.  I'd welcome some input from
our Ozzie colleagues to clarify what is happening on that side of the

>From what we hear the Australian Music Industry ( I don't the official
name of the body involved) has taken legal action against Melbourne
University over 4 cases where students were alleged to be serving
copyrighted software from on campus.  We also hear that Australian
Universities have set up a fund of over $1 million AU to fight the

There are hints that the same thing will happen in New Zealand and since
Auckland is the largest university (by a fairly large margin) we are
likely targets for any action.

By most standards we are squeaky clean, at the rate that we charge for
Internet traffic letting KaZaA share your mp3 collection is a short
route to bankruptcy (we have had users with bills for over $1000 for a
months usage because they did not understand that KaZaA shares their
files by default).  Now our default firewall setting block incoming
connections to all TCP ports so this is nolonger so much of an issue.

A couple of questions:

     1. Do those who are (attempting to) enforcing copyright  have means
        of identifying machines that are downloading files?
     2. Does anyone have any software for scanning servers looking for
        mp3 files (both by extension *and* by content). 


Russell Fulton, Network Security Officer, The University of Auckland,
New Zealand.

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