[unisog] Anti-Spam task force/team

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Thu May 8 15:22:25 GMT 2003

Thomas DuVally wrote:
> Hi all
> 	I am looking to create an on-campus Anti-Spam group to act as guide for
> policy making and as a clearing house for spam info.  I have plans for
> other tasks it could perform, but these are the main objectives that
> will likely be the most useful to a university.
> 	My question is: How many of you have/are part of such a group at your
> institutions?  What roles do they play?
> 	I realize this is not really a security question, but spam is starting
> to become a security concern and I think should be treated as such.
> 	Please feel free to disagree.

Being a believer in committee reproduction control, I'm not
sure I see a need for having a group to create a "clearing
house for spam info".

Policy wise, the biggest thing to address is probably the
compromise between false positives and false negatives in
filtering solutions. I suspect you'll get widely varying
opinions on whether to err on the side of stopping SPAM
or getting the mail through.

I personally believe it best to leave that decision up
to individual users if the mail system in question allows

As far as whether it is a security problem, since security
involves availability of services you could certainly put
it there...along with everything else. :)

Gary Flynn
Security Engineer - Technical Services
James Madison University

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