[unisog] Anti-Spam task force/team

Thomas DuVally thomas_duvally at brown.edu
Thu May 8 16:05:36 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 11:22, Gary Flynn wrote:
> Being a believer in committee reproduction control, I'm not
> sure I see a need for having a group to create a "clearing
> house for spam info".

At a largish organization, I think it would be necessary to create a
local group to pass on and contextualize (my big word for today)
information for the community.  The average person (student, faculty and
staff) isn't interested in the latest release of Bayesian filtering
tools, but does want a way to handle spam.  I think a dedicated group
could provide that connection.

> Policy wise, the biggest thing to address is probably the
> compromise between false positives and false negatives in
> filtering solutions. I suspect you'll get widely varying
> opinions on whether to err on the side of stopping SPAM
> or getting the mail through.

Agreed, and that would be the main focus of a group.  Aid in policy
creation by being a knowledge pool, and offer solutions to concerns
about each side (too much, or not enough)

> I personally believe it best to leave that decision up
> to individual users if the mail system in question allows
> that.

I also agree with this.  We are a "tag and pass through" kinda shop,
mostly since we are seen as a liberal university, its BAD to restrict
any content, but we provide the tools the users can decide with.

> As far as whether it is a security problem, since security
> involves availability of services you could certainly put
> it there...along with everything else. :)

This is an emerging concern.  We have yet to really get a grasp on it,
but we know it's there and don't like what it could mean.  We want to be
sure we have both sides covered: provide the services, ensure the
services are safe.

TJ Du Vally

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