[unisog] Blocking inbound Internet traffic

Sara Smollett sara at simons-rock.edu
Thu May 8 17:17:29 GMT 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Johan M. Andersen wrote:

> > manage it individually. Raw bandwidth limits per IP will still
> > be possible though.
> This is the route we have taken.

We're looking into rate limits per IP (rather than port).  I'm curious to
hear from people who are doing something like this.  How have you
implemented this?  How effective has it been?  What do your users think?

> > Would it be safe to assume that the majority of institutions
> > on this list do NOT block services in RESNET?
> We do not.

We block a handful of services, but not all.  It's possible we will in the
future, allowing for many exceptions when requested.

  --- Sara Smollett
      Network Administrator
      Simon's Rock College

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