[unisog] Anti-Spam task force/team

Christopher A Bongaarts cab at tc.umn.edu
Thu May 8 18:47:19 GMT 2003

As Ben Curran once put it so eloquently:

> It must be remembered that spam is taking valuable resources in terms of bandwidth
> time and energy from otherwise profitable/academic (No pun intended) pursuits.  In
> this case, sinking large amounts of people power in terms of commitees, task forces,
> interest groups etc. etc ad nauseum only adds to the problem.

This is a very good point that should be kept in mind.  Spamfighting
is a tremendous timesink, so weighing costs and benefits is important.

> Filter it and forget it. If I miss one message from my aunt Mary in Ohio, oh well. I'll
> survive.

OTOH, if you miss one message saying "you forgot to send document XYZ
with your grant proposal", it might cost you your career...

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