Automated vulnerability tests upon host to network attachment

John Kristoff jtk at
Wed May 14 22:43:57 GMT 2003

Is anyone doing or aware of someone doing automated vulnerabiity tests
on hosts as they attach to the network.  So for example, as soon as a
host comes online and causes an ARP entry to be created in the first hop
router, a monitor process which watches the ARP table kicks of a job to
automatically scan the newly connected host for something like the top
10 SANS vulnerabilities, generating the necessary report/alert to an

There are some potential issues regarding faked ARP/IP entries, but some
clever coding and in-network protections (e.g. port security) could help
throttle or detect those sorts of problems so that an admin isn't
swamped.  There could also be some "not seen in X period of time" checks
that could be tweaked to suit the environment.

This is somewhat admittedly a strong-armed approach to identifying and
securing hosts, but my first thought is that it seems that the best time
with which to get admins to take down their host and fix it is before
its been online for too long.  Many people do periodic vulnerability
scans and those should continue, but if there are a lot of new hosts
that pop up on your network this could help reduce those new hosts'
first MTTC (mean time to compromise :-) who very often have bad

Thoughts, pointers, experience to share?


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